Anxiety-Relieving Techniques That Work!

Anxiety-Relieving Techniques That Work!

Dental phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of the dentist. Many people experience some nervousness surrounding their dental visits. However, some people experience extreme anxiety that prevents them from seeking the dental care they need. Many patients put off dental visits due to dental phobia. This can delay necessary treatments and may worsen their oral health.

Discuss about your fears with the dentist

Talk to your dentist about your anxiety or fear during your first appointment. They may be able to recommend techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed during your visits, and this may lead to a more positive experience overall. Communication is key to feeling comfortable at the dentist’s office. They’ll be happy to work with you to ensure your visit is stress-free and relaxed. Be sure to let them know if you have a sensitive gag reflex and if you need them to numb your mouth before a procedure begins. 

Give yourself permission to be nervous. It’s natural to feel that way. Tell your dentist that you’re nervous and that you want to avoid feeling pain at all costs. Your dentist can help by telling you what you can expect to feel during a procedure. Listen carefully and ask any questions you have during the consultation. This can help you feel more at ease about what comes next.

Agree on a signal

Also, ask your dental hygienist if they have a signal you can use when you’re too tense or anxious to keep your mouth open. Let him or her know ahead of time that you may need a hand signal if you need to take a break. This will go a long way in helping you feel comfortable during your appointments. You can even bring a friend or family member along with you to help you stay calm and relaxed.

Take a friend or family member with you

Having someone you trust accompany you to your appointments is a great way to ease your anxiety. Just knowing you will have a friendly face waiting for you when you are in the dental office can make you feel more comfortable about your appointment. Your trusted friend or family member can help you remain calm during your procedures. Having someone you trust by your side can also make it easier to ask questions and get answers to any concerns that you may have.

Bring distractions

If you tend to get nervous in the dentist’s chair, bring a book to read or have your favorite music to listen to during your procedure. If that’s not your thing, try taking a few deep breaths and thinking about a favorite vacation or relaxing place. Distractions can help calm those nerves and help you through your treatment!

Consider sedation dentistry

If you’re still feeling anxious after trying all of the tips above, talk to your dentist about sedation options, including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. These sedatives can help you feel calm and even fall asleep in the dentist’s chair! We also offer IV sedation for patients who need an extra level of relaxation for their treatment. This form of sedation helps patients feel completely at ease during their procedures so that they can feel more empowered to take control of their oral health.

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