Preserve your oral health and natural smile with composite dental fillings in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our tooth-colored, durable restorations blend seamlessly, providing a metal-free solution for cavities and decay. For more details about this cavity treatment, call Desert Inn Smiles at 702-834-7707 and schedule a visit with our dentists, Dr. Karishma Patel or Dr. Kamal Patel.


It used to be common for dental fillings to be made of silver amalgam. However, over the years, we have found many reasons why composite fillings are the superior material. Some of the benefits include:

  • An aesthetically pleasing result
  • A more natural-looking color that blends with your natural tooth
  • Insulation from temperature changes caused by food and beverages
  • Fillings that harden in seconds
  • Better long-term oral health
  • Bonding to the tooth that provides more strength and stability
  • Easy repair if damage occurs
  • Reduced risk of future breaks or fractures
  • An ability to repair cavities that are too small for amalgam fillings
  • Repair and replacement visits without needing to remove previous fillings
  • No mercury or other metals are used, making this filling safer


When receiving a composite dental filling, our dentists will carefully choose the color of filling that will blend seamlessly with your natural tooth color to give you a bright, healthy-looking smile. This is a relatively quick and simple treatment that can typically be completed in a single appointment.

If you have any questions about composite dental fillings, please call our office today. We would love to get you on the schedule with our dentists. We are excited to help you achieve your oral health goals.

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